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Bogen “Supply chain management” af Jan Stentoft Arlbjørn;Henning de Haas;Mads Bruun Ingstrup;Dennis van Liempd;

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Bogtype: Paperback, Udgivelsesår: 2010, Udgave: 1

University Press of Southern Denmark / ISBN 9788776744847

Beskrivelse: Supply Chain Management: Business Operations in India is about the theory and practice of doing business in India within a supply chain management context.

The book is divided into six chapters. Chapter one reflects on why one should do business in India. The second chapter is concerned with outsourcing and off-shoring business processes to India. The third chapter is about business clusters and localization. The fourth chapter deals with relationship management. The fifth chapter is about corporate social responsibility (CSR). The final chapter focuses on the overall learning process from this field study trip to India.