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Bogen “Cooperatives and Payment Schemes” af Peter Bogetoft;Henrik Ballebye Olesen

Cooperatives and Payment Schemes

af Peter Bogetoft; Henrik Ballebye Olesen

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Bogtype: E-bog, Udgivelsesår: 2011, Udgave: 1. udgave

Samfundslitteratur / ISBN 9788763099868

Beskrivelse: Cooperatives and cooperative payment schemes, cost and profit sharing rules, are found in all sectors of society - including law and consultancy, insurance and finance, health, housing, utility, and, of course, in agriculture. The book develops an economic framework for assessing different cooperative payment schemes. First, a number of relevant criteria (properties) are defined, then the book analyses how well different schemes fulfil these criteria under alternative production and market conditions. The book is aimed at professionals involved in the design and use of payment schemes as well as students and researchers at universities. The book includes a number of practical examples from the agro-industrial sector. The criteria and schemes are also illustrated with simple numerical examples and graphics. For the more technically minded, there are specially highlighted sections containing formalised mathematical presentations.